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Developing infants rely on their mother for DHA, and receive it through the placenta during pregnancy and through breast milk when nursing.

Numerous health organizations globally thus recommend that pregnant and breastfeeding women increase their intake of omega-3 DHA.

Month 1

The most profound growth of the human brain takes place during the period of pregnancy and the first 2 years of the infant's life. Omega-3 DHA has a crucial role in this process, and that’s when your baby has the greatest need for DHA. Omega-3 DHA supports normal brain growth and cognitive development of the fetus and nursing infants.

Month 2

Omega-3 DHA is also especially important for toddlers and children, which makes Simris® Algae Omega-3 for Mothers a particularly good option for kids as well. The softgels may be too large for small children, but can be cut open to serve the oil on a spoon, or mixed with their food.

Month 3

With most modern diets it is hard to obtain the sufficient amounts of omega-3 that our bodies need. For those who are worried about the environmental pollutants found in fatty fish, are allergic to fish, or for small children who are often picky about food and fish, it can be difficult to obtain enough omega-3s.

Algal omega-3 supplementation is a great way to ensure daily omega-3 needs are met.

Month 4

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Dosage (children from 2 years old and adults)

To support your health, in combination with healthy foods, we recommend 1 capsule per day. One capsule of omega-3 per day is equal to eating fatty fish twice a week. In some cases, therapists may recommend a larger dosage.


Taking the supplement with fat-containing meals improves its absorption. If you take the algae oil during a meal, more omega-3 will end up in the body and a higher amount will remain there over time.

However, if you experience acid reflux after taking the algae oil, we recommend taking it before a meal instead. The food will help the capsule find its way to the stomach more easily.

You can also opt to cut open the capsule with scissors or a knife, or to prick it with a needle. The oil can also be mixed with a coconut or almond drink, yogurt (for example, with lemon flavor) or a smoothie with banana and almond milk. The oil mixes well with such substances and will have a neutral flavor.

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